Useful Guide on How to Stay Clean After Detox and Drug Rehab

Perhaps the most critical part of recovering from addiction is getting back to the real world. You really can’t say you have overcome the addiction before temptation hits again.

There are many ways to stay clean after a detox. You just need to be aware of the things that help you prevent relapse.

It is much easier for addicts to control urges in a rehab center because they are in safe and controlled surroundings, away from these triggers that prompt them to use the substances they want to get away from. The real test begins as soon as they are discharged from the treatment facility.

To avoid relapse, here are some helpful tips.

Apply everything you learned from the treatment

The best way to overcome temptation is to stick to the things you learned while still in the rehab center. You certainly don’t want to waste the effort you put into your treatment. So, make use of it as motivation to stay on the right track. It would be best to stay as far away as possible from places or people who may encourage you to go back to your old habits again. Remember, you just got your life back. So please don’t waste it anymore.

Continue counseling or join a support group

It helps find a group or an organization that can help former addicts transition to a drug-free life. It will help you a lot to cope with your new lifestyle. Also, make sure you always attend the rehab facility’s counseling meetings. Most rehabilitation centers offer follow-up services to make sure their patients stay drug-free.

Remember that staying clean is a daily struggle

Trigger avoidance and staying clean after all those months in rehab are a daily struggle. It’s certainly easier said than done. After all, the environment or society you’re in is probably filled with people who participate in activities like smoking weed or tobacco and drinking alcohol, so you’ll feel left out if you’re not able to join. They’re probably around every corner, in fact.

Be aware of your triggers

Triggers are different for each person. Being aware of your own triggers to relapse is the key to successful rehab. You are likelier to go back to normal life if the drugs you are getting away from are not easily available and the people around you are not addicts themselves or enablers. These factors can act as triggers and lead you to relapse before you know it. Drop your former addict friends and cut off toxic family members to replace your social network with a new circle of supportive friends and family.

These are just a few tips on how to stay clean after a detox. The main thing to remember is that recovery from addiction is a lifelong process. Even if you fail sometimes, keep putting effort into staying clean.

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