Most people do not know this, but relapse is a usual aspect of recovery from addiction to any substance or act. Addiction is a chronic problem of the brain which lingers for many months, and it affects the normal functioning of the brain.

Substance abuse for instance, changes the operation of the brain, thereby making people to compulsively and obsessively use addictive substances, not minding the adverse effects attached to it.

Bringing restoration to the normal functioning of the brain is not an easy task, and this is why a good number of people relapse during the period of recovery.

The duration and severity of an addiction determines the duration of time needed for the brain to recover fully from addiction. However, during this period, there is a tendency for cravings and triggers to cause a relapse.

Rehab assists people to conquer addiction, but some people do not completely recover, they only learn to manage the symptoms which comes with addiction. Many people who are in addiction recovery are susceptible to relapse.

Taking things one day at a time; gradually, is one of the best ways to prevent relapse. When it comes to addiction recovery, there is no rush. You will need to painstakingly go through all the treatment procedures, as they are sure guarantees to your full recovery.

In the addiction recovery process, it is not advisable to attempt to conquer all the cravings and triggers based on your personal resolution, there is a need to stick to given guidelines which the counselor and healthcare specialist would provide.

In addition, it is also best that you join a support group. This would provide motivation for you to get better. You will network with other individuals who have addiction problems similar to yours, and you will be inspired by the progress they have made in their addiction recovery.

You should also ensure that you have a schedule which will ensure you are busy. Cravings tend to have a powerful effect when you are lazing around, having nothing to do. You can also speak with your counselor to structure a list of activities you can do, which would not induce triggers or cravings in the process.

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