Most people who want to overcome addiction, are usually helpless. They have the necessary willpower which comes with it. However, there is usually the feeling of guilt which comes with being a victim. This is one of the things which addicts go through, so it is not really peculiar to anybody. As an addict, there is this feeling which comes with making efforts to keep everything together.

At a point, it could seem like you are having a difficult time keeping up with the demands of life, and survival might look difficult, because when you are done with an unpleasant event, another one surfaces.

The period of recovery is the best time to bring change to all negative feelings. It is the time to take a good look into your life bits by bits. Asides the fact that it would require you to look into your goals, relationships, aspirations and the likes, it would also need you to look into your choices, beliefs and thoughts.

The recovery point is a physical healing, as well as a psychological healing. It is a healing which positively affects your empowerment, belief and strength. Addiction is an illness which takes away your power. After being hooked on alcohol and drugs, the person will get to discover that it is difficult to stop, as a level of compulsion and dependency has been created.

The feeling of powerlessness to either drugs or alcohol, is a major symptom of addiction, and self-empowerment is needed to combat it during the recovery process. Empowerment is the level of autonomy and self-will which a person has. It is the ability to decide how you want your life to run.

Someone who is self-empowered will find it easy to always take charge of circumstances which are surrounding them, it would be hard for any form of situation to weigh them down.

In addition to this, they will also be more aware of their weaknesses and strengths, hence, they will find it easy to manage themselves in unpleasant situations.

Conclusively, they will find fulfillment and meaning in life, and at this stage, it can be said that the recovery process is a success.

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